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Egyptian Gifts and Souvenirs Suppliers, Wholesalers & Exporters. Specialists in Egyptian Hand Crafts, Egyptian Hand made Products. Egyptian Black Velvet Paintings, Completely Egyptian Handmade Perfume Bottles, Wonderful Egyptian Jewelry Boxes (Mother of Pearl MOP), Statues, Genuine Papyrus Paper Paintings, Brass Plates, Brass Works, Egyptian Fine Porcelain (Plates, Mugs). Handmade Glass Aroma Diffusers, Oil Burners.

Egyptian Exporters Record
Registration No: 74614
Egyptian Ministry Of Foreign Trade,
Egyptian General Authority
For Exports & Imports Monitoring .
PHONE & Fax:
  002 02 46055554
Mobile, WhatsApp:
  002 0122 366 9454
  Mr. Metwally Mohamed Metwally