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  Egyptian Natural Drinks, Herbs for Better Health

natural herbs for healthy drinks

Relax & Enjoy our Egyptian 
Healthy Drinks, Recipes  
Anise - ينسون  Natural Herbs

 Contents: ( One Box )
 - 12 filter-bags each 1.5 g .
 - Pure, high selected quality.
 - No artificial coloring, flavoring or
   preservatives for your health and
   our environment.

Egyptian Drinks - Anise - 12 filter-bags Box

 - Pour boiling water over one filter-bag.
 - let steep for at least 5 minutes.
 - Sweet according to your taste

   Hibiscus  -  كركديه  Peppermint  -  نعناع

Egyptian Drinks - Hibiscus - 12 filter-bags Box

 Cultivated and processed without 
 chemicals in accordance with the
 international guidelines.

Egyptian Drinks - Peppermint - 12 filter-bags Box

 Tilia  -  تليو

  They Said that:
  - Anise is Very good for larynx and
    voice, wonderful for Babes as a
    warm Drink. 
  - Hibiscus tasty drink warm or cold 
    gives too great results for
    whom suffer from high blood
    pressure as a natural treatment
    with no side effects.

Egyptian Drinks - Tilia - 12 filter-bags Box

  - Peppermint. Useful for abdomen pains
    , suitable as a warm drink for relaxing.

- Tilia wonderful warm drink can be
    used for cold, cough and


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