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Egyptian Gifts, Souvenirs
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Egyptian Arabic Songs    Listen Online to Famous Egyptian Arab , Singers, Songs , Music

Muhammad, Messenger of Allah.

Egyptian Statues, Busts and Coffins
Egyptian Statues, Busts and Coffins 


 Egyptian Hand Made Gifts, Souvenirs.   
  Egyptian Gifts, Souvenirs Exporters and
   wholesalers from EGYPT to all around the world.
   We are specialists in the handmade Egyptian
   Gorgeous touristy products which been made by
   Clever Artisans and craftsmen hands, so we have
   a unique pieces of the Egyptian Handmade Arts,
 Our Products
  Egyptian Papyrus Paintings with symbols
   of the ancient Egyptian Civilization scenes
   and Egypt ancient history, hand made
   Genuine Papyrus Paper, Light Papyrus and
   Dark Papyrus Paper, Pharaohs Scenes and
   Egypt Beautiful Nature Scenes.
-  Handmade Perfume Pyrex Glass Bottles
   "Unique Pieces". Which are made completely
   by hand, Mouth blown, Etched, Colored and
   Decorated with fine Gold Color by Clever
   artisans hand.
   Hand made Christmas Colored Pyrex Glass
- Mother of Pearl Boxes, Amazing Jewelry boxes
   MOP, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Octagonal and
   wonderful Shapes.
- Decorating Brass Plates with famous ancient 
   Egyptian kings, Pharaohs and The Queens Scenes.
- Egyptian Fine Porcelain Plates and Mugs.
- Egyptian Statutes and Sculptures, metals
   and stones.

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Egyptian Gifts
egyptian Papyrus Paintings - Light papyrus egyptian Papyrus Paintings - Free hand dark papyrus  
egyptian Free Hand Papyrus Painting - Egypt Nature Scenes - Dark Papyrus Paper  
egyptian fine porcelain plates Egyptian porcelain Mugs - Egypt porcelain art  
egyptian perfume bottles, hand made perfume bottles MT2 egyptian perfume bottles, hand made perfume bottles MTZ  
egyptian perfume bottles, hand made perfume bottles MT1 egyptian perfume bottles, hand made perfume bottles MT3  

Egyptian Christmas Ornaments - Egyptian Hand made - Pyrex Glass

Egyptian Handmade Perfume Bottles, NPB

Egyptian Jewelry Boxes - handmade Mother of Pearl Box Egyptian Brass Plates for Home and Office Decor  
Egyptian statues, sculptures, busts, coffins, mummy
Alligator -" Crocodile " -Egyptian Handmade perfume bottles
black seed oil, blessed seed oil, black cumin seed oil, natural pure 100%, cold pressed Egyptian natural herbs for hetitlehy drinks - good recipes  

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