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Egypt Sphinx Statue
 Secrets and Mystery


Sphinx Statue

 Sphinx is a great huge statue with a kneeling body of a lion, a head of a man and
  a calm smile face. It is looking to the east; to the sun guarding the Ancient Egyptians
  lands against the enemy. Sphinx represents the king khafraa "Cephren" who built the
  second pyramid. Khafraa is the son of king khufu who built the biggest pyramid.
  Sphinx shows the courage; bravery and the wisdom of king khafraa.
  Sphinx was a holly worshipped statue called "Hour-Om-Khet" that means "Horus
  on the Horizon". a few parts of the statue face have been destroyed by the effects of
  ether time or erosion. After all these thousands years sphinx is still kneeling beside
  the pyramids looking to the east with his smile calm face.

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