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Great Egypt Pyramids
Khufu Pyramid "Cheops Pyramid"
secrets and mystery

Khufu Pyramid
Khufu  pyramid 

   "Cheops pyramid" is the greatest and biggest pyramid of the famous three Giza pyramids.  
   It was built 2600 B.C. by khufu king who ordered to build this pyramid.  
   It represents the amazing ancient Egyptians civilization in the field of architecture,
   planning and astronomy. Khufu pyramid's height now is 137m while it was 146m when has been
   completely built. The pyramid square base side length is 227m .
   It took approximately 100,000 men to build this pyramid with 2.5 million stone blocks.
   The block's weight is 2.5 up to 15 tons. Inside the pyramid we can find the king's room in which he
   planned to be buried in a granite huge coffin.
   We can see this coffin itself nowadays after all these eras with no lid with no king body !!.  
   The pyramid has few rooms and few corridors some have been discovered
   and the others are waiting with it's secrets and mystery....


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