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 Goddess Bastet Papyrus Painting
Free hand painting, Dark papyrus.

Bastet goddess, egyptian cat - Free Hand Papyrus Painting - dark papyrus

This Egyptian papyrus painting depicts 
The Goddess Bastet
Bastet is highly regarded goddess in the ancient
 Egyptian culture, Usually depicted as a cat or a
 woman with a head of cat. Bastet was said to be 
the daughter of Ra and She became equated with Sekhmet, the lioness deity of war later. 
Worshipped widely throughout ancient Egypt, 
her cult center was at Bubastis city. 
She protected humans against contagious diseases and evil spirits. She was responsible too for Joy, Music, and Dancing, also Health and Healing. 
Bastet was the family and 
home protector goddess.

 " Free Hand Papyrus Painting "

 Bastet Papyrus

Size  : 30x40 cm



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