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Post Cards,
Greeting Cards.
     Small Cheap Gift for all ages


The Egyptian Museum The Egyptian Museum Treasures Citadel and Cairo Tower
The Egyptian Museum
Post Card    model 01
The Egyptian Museum Treasures
Post Card    model 02
Citadel and Cairo Tower
Post Card    model 03
Nile River Alexandria Pyramids and Camels
Nile River
Post Card    model 04
Post Card    model 05
Pyramids and Camels
Post Card    model 06
Tut Ankh Amun and Birds Catch The Ancient Egyptian Writer Tomb
Tut Ankh Amun and Birds Catch
Post Card    model 07
The Ancient Egyptian Writer
Post Card    model 08
Post Card    model 09
Fishing and birds catch Tut Ankh Amun and his wife Ramsis 2
Fishing and birds catch
Post Card    model 10
Tut Ankh Amun and his wife
Post Card    model 11
Ramsis 2
Post Card    model 12


    1 -  Post cards with Egyptian Scenes " Ancient Egypt, Modern Egypt and tourist Scenes " .
2 -  Dimensions:  16 x 11 cm .  Each card inside white envelope 
    3 -   4 Days delivery .

Set of 10 Cards 10$ Order
Set of 20 Cards 20$ Order
Set of 30 Cards 30$ Order
Set of 50 Cards 50$ Order
How can you use it ?   
1- Write your sweet words on card back.
2- Put the card into its white envelope.
3- Give the envelope " the gift " to whom you like.

  *  If a particular set of cards wanted please send email after ordering or place
        your selections model number in the guest book.
    *  Any Remarks please visit our
Guest Book or send email to .

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